Peach Auto Parts Software …. ADDING CUSTOMERS ON THE FLY

This is a really flexible feature that enables customers to be added while you are in the point of sale screen. Sometimes when a customer wants to order or lay by a product, to keep track it’s best to enter them as a customer to follow up later. With this Add on the fly feature it takes a couple of seconds and you done. Your records will be complete and when the goods you ordered for that customer come in you know exactly who they are for.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. ADDING PARTS ON THE FLY

Many businesses still rely on their memory or paperwork when it comes to following through on customer orders or Lay Buys when it involves a non-stock product. In Peach a part can be created or drawn in from your supplier’s product file on the fly during the Point of Sale process making it simple to make sure you know what you ordered, who it’s for and also when and who it was sold to. Don’t worry about too many parts in your stock file because Peach has a simple housekeeping feature that allows you to tag inactive parts and send them all to the inactive product file in a quick simple process.


Don’t you just hate it when your suppliers invoice and your receipt, don’t agree by a couple of cents? mainly it’s because of different rounding methods so with Peach you can simply edit the total to agree to the suppliers invoice and the difference is automatically spread over the entire receipt ensuring one product doesn’t cop the load.


Price matrices for producing product prices and customer special prices are sometimes very large and very details. We decided that it would be great for you to be able to adjust the matrix with a bulk type adjustment or simply copy the whole matrix straight over to another customer and then make any adjustment required.


It’s very common with auto parts that many identical parts have numerous suppliers, sometimes even parts that you want to sell under the same part number have different barcodes. Peach can handle all these scenarios simply by having an alternative parts file for each part that records any alternative part numbers you want to use, the suppliers code, alternative barcodes and Peach even keeps a record of the last purchase from each supplier so you can compare prices before purchasing next time.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. BACK-ORDERS CUSTOMER & SUPPLIER

Peach can, if you wish keep a full record of all supplier and / or customer back-orders. These are produced automatically in Peach whenever a supplier doesn’t deliver a complete order or you don’t supply a complete order to a customer on an invoice. Back-orders are held separate to customer orders or supplier orders so as to avoid confusion. Of course, at any time you can view Customer or supplier back-orders or even a list of products on back-order.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. BARCODING WHERE CAN I USE IT

Peach is Barcode ready and you can use it virtually anywhere. Point Of Sale, Goods In, Stocktake Entry, Invoicing, and if you scan a product into Peach that it doesn’t recognize it simply asks you to identify the part and then next time it knows. Now that’s Smart! When you receive goods from suppliers and you want to scan the goods in like at your local supermarket checkout, Peach will scan through the order you placed and enter the Qty for you. This way the person not only does not need parts knowledge but does not need to search for the product on the screen, Peach makes it easy!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. BACKING UP YOUR DATA

Whenever you feel the urge, back it up. No one needs to stop doing business and the Peach USB Drive takes a whole week of data intelligently changing the file name each day until the next week comes around. Unplug the USB Drive and take it home. It’s in good hands! And now with V12 you don’t even need to be at work to do this. Log in from anywhere in the world and copy your system back to your computer. It’s an incremental backup meaning it’s complete and fast. You can even put this into the hands of your staff and select to have their backup Encrypted so in case you forget and your system fails, just send us the encrypted file and we can get you up and running again.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. BULK EDITING

Bulk editing can save you hours of work. Let’s say you want to change a location code on a group of products. You can tell Peach that any part from Supplier named CHUMP in group 16 and subgroup AB where the part number starts with BRD to put this part into location L002. Wow, that got to be a time saver. Just think of all the manipulation you can do.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CAPRICORN REPORTING

Peach is pleased to announce that we have now got the CAPLINK software ready. This means that when you carry out a transaction for a Capricorn customer you can see immediately if they have satisfactory credit and credentials. Then once you have done the transaction Capricorn is advised with all the required details immediately. You just bank the money.


Ever felt like your software is a little inflexible. Now you can change customer codes, product codes or even part numbers and merge history. You can finally tidy up all those old mistakes and get your software into good shape.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CHANGING THE PRICE IN POS

Sometimes you have just finished invoicing a long list of parts and need to get the invoice to agree with a pre agreed total, or you want to round of the package to get the the customer to take the bait. Well it’s real simple with Peach Software. Just click adjust total and type in the price you want to charge, all the line items will be trimmed evenly so that your not lobbing one of the parts with an incorrect profit margin.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CONSIGNMENT STOCK

We have a number of customers using consignment, this is the ability to keep stock in multiple locations. These locations could be Vans you have on the road, off site storage or even stock held on consignment by customers such as in a battery business.


Turn an invoice into a credit, or a Goods receipt into an invoice, or even an invoice into a purchase order. This opens up a great deal of options for you. Simply load the screen, right click and send the information to the clipboard. Go to the other transaction, right click and receive the line items into the new transaction. All pricing is fixed according to the customers price matrix in the event of a sale or cost prices are automatically loaded according to the supplier in a supplier order or Goods Receipt.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. COURIER SETUP

Simply set up all your couriers, their rate and free after limit if you wish. Then each customer can be given a standard courier avoiding errors and forgetfulness. Customers like to know that they’ll be treated the same each time they buy off you.


Peach now incorporates its own internal backup procedure. It’s so simple and even takes care of history and special reports you may be using. If you have a USB drive you can save it straight to that, and carry it on your key ring. When you use the internal Peach backup facility Peach names the file after the day of the week you are backing up so each day doesn’t overwrite the previous days backups until the next week comes around. Most customer could fit at least a week on a 2 Gig USB Drive which cost just $15.00 Fast, Safe & Convenient


You can ask Peach to warn you if a client is loaded into an invoice or POS that they are over their credit limit or outside your trading terms. The Warning is a large Yellow screen with the account details and contact details, based on this warning you can have Peach refuse to do the sale completely if you wish also.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CREDITING A SALE

Crediting a sale is so easy. Enter the customer in the POS screen, Click on Credit, and enter the parts, Peach will locate the invoices that the part was purchased on and you simply choose the invoice your crediting. Peach puts all the right information into the right areas. If you want to credit an entire invoice then just retrieve it from the invoice and process it as a credit. If you want to credit one part for another then simply enter both parts into a normal transaction with +1 and -1. Peach takes care of the rest.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CUSTOMER CONTRACT PRICING

There are so many ways to give customers special pricing, put them in a pricing group, give them their own pricing or even do both. Price by Part, Quantity Pricing, By Group and Subgroup, By Product Mark-up Code, By Price Level and the list goes on and on. You give me a pricing problem and I’ll show you how we can solve it.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CUSTOMER REPORT CODE

Putting a customer in a report code could be used for industry groups, geographical areas, even statement 7 14 or 30 day runs. It’s in your hands.

Peach Auto Parts Software ….DATA TRANSFER

If your struggling to think about how your data will look in the new software package then let us do a sample transfer for you. There is no obligation and you really can’t decide which package is best for your purposes without test driving it. It’s a great way to think about the possibilities for your business and for us to check we can do the job properly

Peach Auto Parts Software …. DEBTOR FINANCE CUSTOMERS

If your running debtor finance on your customer base then Peach can handle the reporting for you to give to your bank. Just tick the customer as financed and your half way there. Debtor finance can be a reporting burden without the proper administration.


Whether you want to Delete, make inactive or just move your inactive parts to the reference file it’s so easy with Peach and we can do all the ones you want in one action. Because Peach has two Product files working together, all your suppliers’ parts and your quiet parts don’t need to be reported whenever you want a report.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. DEPOSITS ON CUSTOMER BUY INS

When a customer wants you to buy something in for them Peach will remember the Customer, the part, it will prompt you to order the parts required and when they arrive it will tell you to ring the client and tell them to come get them. Ill include a coffee maker if that completes the picture for you.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. DUPLICATE PARTS

So, you have 2 Z9 part numbers, you don’t have to separate them by an extra code anymore. Peach will handle these in the background. If you type Z9 into a sales screen it will offer both for your choice and show the stock level at the same time for you to make the right choice.


This saves Paper, Time an stamps. In 2009 many of our customers are now relying on email to communicate.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. END OF DAY

What end of day. Because Peach is date driven any report you can get today you can put off till tomorrow. And the internal backup facility is child’s play. Simply plug in your Peach USB drive and push a button. All data, including any special reports are backed up using today’s name as a file name e.g. A backup on Friday is called FRI_DATA.ZIP. The Peach USB Drive can hold a complete week and the following Friday of next week will automatically overwrite last Friday.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. END OF MONTH

Part of the end of month backup makes a copy of your data base as at the very end of the month. Peach keeps a copy of each end of month automatically for you to be able to go back to and check or re run statements as at that date. The month end procedure for an average store including a backup would be around 15 minutes.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. CUSTOMER MATRIX

The Pricing can handle a multitude of price styles. Part>Price, Part>QTY>Price, Part>Price Level>Discount>, Group>Price, Group>Subgroup>Price, Group>Cost+, Group>Subgroup>Cost+, and the list goes on. A customer can refer to a group matrix or his own matrix, or both!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. FINDING A PART NUMBER

Search simply and quickly by Part, Description or Part of the Description, Alternative, supersession, even alternative Barcode and without changing screens. Other software companies have this but it means going into a secondary area to do the search.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. FINDING PREVIOUSE SALE

Ever been in the middle of a sale and wondered what you charged the customer for this part last time? Well simply hit F11 while in a point of sale and you have a list of previous transactions where you sold this part to this customer. Great for checking the price and from here you can click one more button and view the invoice in case it was discounted for a reason and the invoice notes will display.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. FIXED PRICES ON PRODUCTS

If you have a promotion or need to set prices for a loss leader such as oil simply tick Fix Price and no price changes will be calculated.

Peach Auto Parts Software ….FORWARD DATING INVOICES

Those customers who want their goods invoiced for the start of the next month, just forward date the invoice and you’re done. This way you can pre invoice larger orders instead of letting them hand around and forgetting them.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. FREIGHT CHARGES ON PRODUCT

Many of our clients in Rural areas want the freight of a supplier’s invoice added to the parts. This is an easy option in Peach so that the last cost in the product control will reflect the price you paid including the freight. If the invoice comes later for the freight simply enter the Goods In as a delivery docket and finalise it as a goods receipt with all the charges when you’re ready.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. FUTURE PRICING

The future pricing facility means you can enter your price rises in advance and select the date on which you want then to take place, wish we had this at the changeover of GST! You won’t have to enter everything the evening before the price rise or discount is to take effect.


To have a seamless operation it’s important that everything is recorded in the software and furthermore it’s important that it’s easy to enter. From the normal pos screen enter the part and if the supplied column is less than the ordered column the software asks if you want a customer order created. Select yes and It’s done. Now you can automatically generate a supplier order based on outstanding customer orders.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. GENERATING MIN MAX LEVELS

Select the supplier, the sample number of months product sales history, tell the software your min and max delivery /holding time and click GO! Now you have just updated thousands of min max levels for parts brought from that supplier. This can take into account product groups and other filters too for various product ranges.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. GOODS IN SCANNING

Select the goods in screen, Load the Supplier, Start scanning the goods straight out of the box. Peach takes care of the rest. By the time you have scanned all the parts process the goods in and its done. Any mistakes here are the supplier’s mistakes not yours. A 12-year-old kid with no knowledge of parts could do this.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. HOW MANY DELIVERY ADDRESSES

Hundreds! Peach allows you to have an endless amount of delivery addresses for any client and at the end of the month 1 statement. In addition, it keeps track of what you have supplied to where and who placed the order. In fact, I bet you could generate better reports than the customer. they’ll be impressed when you show them you know more about where the parts are going than they do.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. INVOICING INTO NEGATIVE

Many companies find it hard to finish of their month because of the restraints when you can’t invoice into negative. With Peach you are able to invoice into negative and then when you receipt the goods they simply come back into positive territory. Don’t forget you can invoice and goods receipt into future or backdate.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. LAY BUYS

Yet another feature of the Point of Sales Screen is the ability to take Lay by Payments. The customer can place items on lay buy with little or no deposit and can make repeated payments against it. When they are ready to take the goods simply tell Peach to supply the goods and the balance will be charged as a standard sale.


Ever received money or a cheque and don’t know where it came from. It’s easy with Peach. You can search by Drawer, Name, Customer Code, Invoice Number or even the amount. This has got to save hours over the period of a week.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. LOST SALE RECORDING

As the owner of a business it’s important to know what’s not happening as well as what is happening. For this reason, when you are invoicing a customer or taking an order it’s a simple matter of pressing the F7 key to record that part as a lost sale.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. MAINTAIN MARGIN SETUP

Out of all the complex discount structures I’ve seen the simplest one is maintaining margin. This means exactly what it says. Whenever you receive a product and the cost has changed Peach determines the current margin and updates the selling price to keep the margin the same. Simple!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. MULTI STORE SETUP

Peach has a lot of experience with Multi Site operations now. Multi stores can be handled on many different levels from just being able to view each other’s stock levels to full synchronization of separate data bases. Many of these solutions don’t require constant connection and so the stores can keep trading independently even if the internet is unavailable for a short period of time.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. MULTIPLE COMPANIES

When you get Peach you can have numerous companies set up in a single location for a small extra charge. This separate business can include all the same features but completely independent

Peach Auto Parts Software ….MY INVOICE LAYOUT

When Peach is set up the Technician will be able to personalise the Invoices for you saving on your printing costs. Although only scales of black are available from your laser printer Logos are also able to be put on the invoice.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. NON-STOCK ITEMS

Yes, you can have a non-stock item in Peach, simply add the details on the fly and have it as a no inventory item. However, you can still see where you purchased it from, who you sold it to and for how much. Great info to have in case of faulty claims. If it’s a buy in you can also see in PEACH who the customer was that ordered it.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. NOTES

You can place any amount of text into the notes area of any Product, Customer or Supplier. These notes can be turned on to appear the instant that you use that product or person in any transaction screen. Maybe a prompt for on selling parts or to give your salespeople a message about a customer when they are serving them.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. ONLINE FEATURES

Online is a new innovation from Peach Software, it now means your customers perform a price and availability directly to your data base through a web page. So as long as they are on the net, they can send an online order to you. They can also view their account balance and reprint their own invoices.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. ONLINE ORDERING

Online ordering lets the customer see their price through a web page and send an order directly to your data base. If they had Peach, they could generate the order in Peach and send it directly or just type the parts in that they want to order. Because the order comes straight to your data base you don’t have to re key the items in and the order once packed can just be drawn into an invoice and finalised. Simple!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PACK AND DISPATCH SCREEN

This screen can be used by your dispatch area to enter all the details of the freight etc even after the invoice has been raised. Then carton labels can be printed out. This screen can list all invoices awaiting dispatch so your warehouse people know what’s ready at any time.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PACK SIZE QTY SETUP

Pack size Qty means that you don’t have to sit and calculate qty’s of items where you are selling fractions of what you receive. Just tell Peach that the incoming item is on a 50-meter roll and the sell unit should convert to 50 for every roll received. That’s it. Simple!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PDA INTERFACE

Just new is Pocket Peach. With this handy gadget you can waltz around the showroom while scanning and updating qty’s on hand, if ever you had a problem with stock take, this will be the solution. In addition to this Customer orders will be able to be taken on it and sent straight through to your Peach Database. Remote management is the next job for this little beauty so that a manager can log in anytime from anywhere and check out how the day is progressing.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PERCENTAGE PRICE CHANGING

Percentage price change means that you can adjust your pricing level by level using any filter you want. It can be used to change future pricing or even promotional pricing. The filters are for things such as group, subgroup or location etc.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRICE AS

Price as is simple, straight forward but powerful. It is used when you have a customer that you would like to price like another customer or to refer the customer to a price matrix. The customer can still have his own prices though in his private matrix and Peach will look there before the Price as matrix.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRICE DISCS FOR CUSTOMERS

Generating a price disc for customers is becoming more and more common. The disc would then contain their net pricing according to the special pricing that you have set up for them.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRINTER ASSIGNMENTS

Using Peach, you can assign different types of print jobs to the desired printer for that particular type of job. You can also change printers on the fly

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRINTING CHEQUES

Peach gives you the option of printing supplier cheques straight to a laser printer. Not many people use it but hey, they wanted it so it’s there. That’s Peach!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRINTING LABELS

Peach gives you the ability to print Product or Shelf labels for your products, you can also print labels for products that have had a price change due to supplier updates or Goods In price changes. Labels are printed using a standard Zebra Label Printer


This gives you the ability to design the way your product and shelf labels are printed allowing for a range of product or shelf label sizes.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRODUCT CATEGORIES

This specifies the location in the warehouse for example it could be a bin number within a certain location. This can then be used to filter your product reports to a specific bin in a specific location or even for stocktaking. Performance reports can be run with these categories as filters also to see if what’s clogging up your space is profitable.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRODUCT COSTING FACTS

Peach gives you a range of options for setting up your pricing matrix. You can use Mark-up, Price Levels, Maintain Margin, Qty price break or a combination.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRODUCT GROUP PRICING

Peach give you the ability to setup a specific price matrix for a specific group of products, this allows you to maintain your price matrix with very little effort, it also allows you to have the flexibility to price accordingly for different types of customers.


This function allows the user to categorize parts into Groups & Subgroups, making prices, location, Qty and other features of parts easy to manage and alter.  Almost all the product, and performance reports can use these as filters to extract exactly what you need.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRODUCT KITS

When a group of products is imported under one-part number, e.g. Car Cleaning kit [bucket, wax, detergent & sponge]. It can be broken up into individual parts to be sold separately, and not as a whole, using Product Kits.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PRODUCT PICTURES

Product Control allows pictures of any part to be displayed at a click of a button. This makes distinguishing between products easier when there is hesitation.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. PROMOTIONAL PRICING

Many different prices can be listed against parts. Promotional pricing for parts allows users to view sale & special prices, it is listed under product control, and also viewed under a pos screen.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. QTY PRICE BREAKS

Account Customers can be setup to receive a discount when a certain Qty of a part is purchased at one time e.g. 10xPart=10% off, 20xPart=20% off etc. The Qty Break can be setup for individual parts and customers.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. QUOTATIONS

Customer quotes can be entered and printed out to an invoice printer or a docket printer. They can then be easily transferred into an invoice or simply deleted.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. REPORTS

Over 400 Reports and filters that can take you right down to the bare data base fields with easy to understand conditions make Peach a Heavy weight when it comes to reporting. Many customers get us to write specific reports for them as well. This is done for a minimal fee if it’s an exclusive one.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. REPRICE IN POS

In pos if you load the wrong customer or simply to load the customer at all. Don’t Panic, just load the correct customer and click re price to correct all the prices for the customer in the screen. Isn’t it horrible when you’ve almost finished a large invoice and then realize it’s the wrong customer, this has got to be a time saver?


To retrieve a customer invoice just go back to the POS Screen and load the customer. Now to see orders hit F5 or to see invoices hit F6. When you hit these a screen appears detailing a list of invoices. Also, the salesman and payment method is shown including the outstanding amount for each invoice. Just select the invoice or order and the line details appear. Once you have found the one you are after just hit enter and that’s it. Now F10 and reprint it.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. RETRIEVING A CUSTOMER ORDER

Although customer orders can be viewed from many different areas. To retrieve one is as simple as starting up a Customer Order or Customer invoice screen, load the client and then Hit F5. Outstanding orders will be listed with the line details beside them.

ROUNDING When generating prices, Price Labels or just doing a POS sale you can select weather you want Peach to round by .01 cent .05 cents or .10 cents, as you wish.


Just put a salesman’s code on the customer and a percentage that he gets for the sales. Peach has a number of really great reports that will calculate and print the commission sheet for the rep avoiding a lot of extra time working it out yourself.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SCANNING IN STOCK TAKE

Get you barcode scanners warmed up. Barcode Scanning is even available at the stock take screen. This makes stock takes faster and less mistakes especially with our new online stock take software.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SERIAL NUMBERS

Peach can track serial numbers on Sales, great for Car stereo etc. Then when required you can find information on a transaction just by knowing the serial number.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SETTING UP YOUR OPTIONS

We have nearly 300 clients with three hundred slightly different ways of doing business. That’s why there are so many options when setting up your business. We don’t want you to feel that the software restricts you, we’d rather work with you. This makes us stronger for the future.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SPACES ETC IN PART NUMBERS

Spaces, Dots, Dashes…. No Problem, Peach has a table in the background that registers all these as alternatives so you can search without them

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SPLIT SALE

Some old features never die. I a customer wants to pay Part Card and Part Cash or Part Cheque “No Problem” and the till summary will get it right.


Ever need to make a quick sale but all the counter terminals are busy? Just click Swap and you get a second POS Screen to do your sale. When your done the first POS screen reappears so it can be finalised or carried on.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. STATEMENT OPEN OR CLOSED ITEM

We have found that some clients prefer closed item statements for their customers, no problem, just put them in a separate report code and you can run their Statements closed as opposed to the rest of the customers having open invoice statements.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. STOCKTAKING

Stock take by Location, Group, Supplier, Subgroup etc. Or use the new Wireless stock take feature. After stocktaking you can run a variance report to show where the holes are and then a recount stocktake report.


Get your suppliers to give you all their parts and prices. Peach can take them all into the reference file and they are accessible to you straight from the selling or ordering screen with the price Description, Grouping and even Barcode. Adding parts to your system has never been so fast and easy. And without errors.


Generate your supplier orders automatically based on Min, Max, Replace Sales, Customer Orders, Job Cards, Insufficient Stock levels or even by second preferred supplier. Some customers Love the fact that they can produce an order for one supplier and then transfer it to another…. EASY!


When in the supplier order screen just click on a product and you can see Customer Orders, Supplier Orders, In Stock Quantity, and a neat Sales Graph of the last 24 months. Push one more button and you can even see the last time, invoice and price that you purchased it and view the transaction. I don’t think you could ask for more than that!

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SUPPLIER RETURN FOR CREDITS

Supplier Returns for credit are made simple. The first transaction being the request to the supplier that goes off with the goods. Then once the supplier sends the goods back the final so that the credit matches up exactly to the request. Peach even places the original invoice in the screen for you and prints it line by line on the invoice. Peach can even handle partial returns from those larger suppliers that take a while.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SUPPORT

Peach gets 90% of its business from Word of mouth, so it’s simple. If recommendations are positive, we’ll get more business. In 2 years, we have doubled the staff and will be adding 2 more support people soon. A 24Hr after hours support line is also available and we’ll return the call within a couple of hours at the outside.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. SUSPENDING INVOICES

Suspended invoices are like a tab at the bar, you don’t want the bill till you’ve finished your meal. Same in Peach, some mechanics don’t want an invoice for every little purchase so you can keep a running invoice and release it at the end of the week or day.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. ICAT ONLINE PARTS CATALOGUE

When you install Peach Software you get a free period of using Icat Online which includes over 1 million parts for Australian Vehicles.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. THE TRADING SUMMARY SCREEN

The trading Summary Screen is like a window to the money factory. Its extremely graphical and gives you a really good picture of where your business is at. Creditors, Debtors, Stock Value, Profit. It’s all there.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. TRACKING CUSTOMER ORDERS

Any customer orders including suspended invoices and laybys are easily tracked In Peach. And when goods arrive from the supplier Peach even tells you what you can now dispatch, who to and their phone Number.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. TYPICAL INSTALLATION TIME

When you get Peach installed its normally a three to five day job. The data transfer and commissioning only take about 24 Hours in which we don’t get much sleep, but then we stay on for a few days to make sure you have all the tools to carry out the normal day to day activities. Then further online training is done using PC Anywhere. We know that we could spend a couple of weeks with you but have found that you want absorb much for the first couple of weeks.


Supplier files are available from many companies now and make it easy for you to have access to their complete range. These files don’t sit in the product file clogging up your reports and slowing down the system, they sit in the Reference file which opens automatically should you be searching for a product that is not in your product file. You can update the supplier costs in your reference file as often as required and then update the product file costs only for those parts that are in the product file. This will save you hours of work.


You can have Peach doing this as the costs change on the fly or have it only do it when you ask it to. Although you may want your special price customers prices to update with your costs, you wouldn’t want you retail ticketed price to change unless you specifically ordered it to.

Peach Auto Parts Software ….USER ID & SECURITY

When you first log into Peach a password can be utilised to limit the features menu by Menu and also things like viewing profit etc. The beauty of this is that each user id can have a completely different set of access rather than having to fit them into a security group that may not completely fit their requirements


Peach is very conscious of the fact that when your used to a system, using the keyboard is a whole lot faster and easier than the mouse. That’s why there are so many function and shortcut keys in Peach Software. Many of them are really easy to remember too……. ALT+C Customer    ALT+P Product   ALT+I Invoice ALT+R Receipts & so on.

Peach Auto Parts Software …. WORKSHOP CONTROL

Peach comes with all modules and one is the comprehensive workshop Control module. Keep track of Job Cards, Mechanic Hours, Parts on Jobs etc. Yes, any parts used on a job can now be taken from your Peach stock automatically.