The stocktake screen is the most used application within the PDA suite. Scan or Search – Count – Update – DONE !! Once loaded you can edit details such as Group Code, Supplier, Location, Price and more. No Paperwork and No mistakes. Go back to Peach V12 to run a Stocktake Activity report for the Qty and Value changes you have made.

No Barcode ? No Problem !

Use a Dot in front of your search String to search in the description field for up to three words in any order, e.g. Relay 24V 4pin or the start of a product code e.g Z9 will list every part starting with Z9. If the product on the shelf is not from your normal supplier then that’s fine, the Alternates tab will show results of Alternate suppliers for the part scanned.



Click Receive to display a list of supplier orders. Use the search box by entering the order number or suppliers name to filter the list. Select the order and start scanning Items randomly straight out of the delivery. Once all products have been checked off, click finalise. Check for Exceptions and update. If you use Multi Bin Locations and have Allocate bin locations ticked in setup options, then the App will ask you where you want the goods booked into, otherwise they will be booked into your default location. You’re done, what use to take hours has now been streamlined and accuracy all the better for it.

Note: Click the List Icon to find parts without barcodes or exceptions so far


Scan or Search for the Item to be moved. Now select where from, the Qty, and where too. Update and you’re done. If you want to move the product to a new location simply click add new location, enter the location address and Add. Then the Qty and done. Remember one of the options in the Receive section was to Receive goods into a holding area. Once your customer orders are picked use this to move the goods to the desired location.


Displays Outstanding Customer orders, Oldest first. Note – When updating a customer order in V12, you can prioritise them so they appear at the top of this list if they are urgent. Start by select the next order to be packed.












Guided Mode

The PDA guides you around the warehouse as per your preferred sequence. Start Scanning the item or hit the + – to increment the Qty. You can also hit the Tick to indicate 100% picked to speed things up













Scan Mode

This allows you to pick an order without following any particular order. So if the part of the warehouse you are in does not have bin locations, or your business isn’t at that stage yet then you can simply guide yourself. This feature can be toggled on and off as required with the Guided/Scan Button in the heading.











The List (Hamburger Icon)

In some of the previous screens you can see a button which looks like a List. By pressing that, you will see a list of the products in the customer order which can be filtered to display exceptions only.











The Finalise screen allows you to add a note and your Name before Finalising. Clicking the Exceptions tab will display the Parts List where exceptions can be viewed. Finalise and you are ready for the next order to pick.

Step 1

Scan the products you want to work with

List of Products Scanned

Step 2

Send to Peach to be used in a Transaction, Print Labels or Change one or more details for the products in the list

Actions Available for the List

Step 3

Here’s a preview of some of the Fields you can Bulk Update for the list scanned.

Fields which can be changed for the List Scanned


At the base of the home screen is the Settings shortcut. Here you can make changes to the way Stocktake, Picking or receiving can work. Before we ship the device to you, we go through and make sure these are optimised for your site, but let’s have a quick look.










1. Stocktake settings

You can change the order in which the Next Button behaves unless like most you’re using the scanner, in which case next is not used since with the PDA you can scan any product in any order. Typically you would simply move along an area and scan then enter the count. If you are doing a major stocktake it may be useful to have the staff precede the PDA and count and mark the Qty so the person using the PDA can move along faster. The PDA could keep pace with 3-4 counters speeding up your stocktake.







2. Pick Settings

You can set the order in which the PDA guides you around the warehouse to pick orders and can be set to Ascending or Descending. Order by Bin Location is only used if your have the Multiple Bin Locations settings synchronised and Allocated ticked in the Peach setup Area. Call Peach support before changing these settings.

Default Scan Mode allows you to scan and pick items randomly overriding any order.

Pick Based on Supply If the Supply Qty is less than the Ord Qty on your order. The PDA will prompt you to pick and Display Exceptions based on what can be Supplied.











3. Receive Settings

Once a Receive is finalised, unlike our previous version you can save as a DelDkt so the goods are booked in and can be dispatched faster. The DelDkt Transaction can then be retrieved into the Goods In screen in V12, and costs checked against the suppliers invoice before finalising. If not used the application simply edits the supplier order by updating the Supplied Qty, so when retrieved into the Goods in screen in V12, the Qty’s received are according to your PDA operator. This tick sets this feature as the default. If unticked you still have the option prior to finalising.